The following describes our Management Policy, which outlines CONSTRUCCIONES FERRÁ TUR’s guidelines for action along three different lines: Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Our company is dedicated to the construction sector. At present we operate at provincial level, with an emphasis on the following activities:

Our engineering and administrative team, who are duly qualified and part of our permanent staff, allow us to undertake large scale construction projects and to ensure compliance with our commitments with regard to quality assurance, occupational safety and accident prevention, as well as environmental protection, as required by current standards, and also to meet our delivery deadlines.

CONSTRUCCIONES FERRÁ TUR has obtained the Accreditation awarded by the Advisory Board on Public Procurement for Construction Works and Services.

CONSTRUCCIONES FERRÁ TUR assumes the principles underlying its quality assurance, environmental and occupational health and safety policy, which more specifically comprise the following:

Achieving total quality by applying to all processes a policy of continual improvement, which guarantees the fulfilment of our clients’ expectations in respect of all services performed, on the basis of the following premises:

  • CONSTRUCCIONES FERRÁ TUR is permanently committed to achieving client satisfaction, meeting their requirements and agreed deadlines.
  • Instilling a service ethos in our staff, focused on the effectiveness and efficiency needed in order to provide a high quality, friendly and proper professional service at competitive prices.
  • Active protection of our staff’s occupational health and safety as well as of the safety of our facilities and equipment, as a basic principle for the performance of our business operations, thereby achieving processes and operations that are safe for our staff, our clients and society at large.
  • Our top management assumes environmental protection as one of its inherent goals, and provides leadership and management skills for this purpose, both with regard to the company and to the community.
  • Our management is committed to the evaluation and integration of environmental effects in all our projects and services, and to the introduction of all improvements necessary in order to effectively protect persons, facilities and the environment, thereby contributing to the reduction of pollution and its potential consequences.
  • Our Management is committed to ensuring the provision of all required resources, both personal and material, in order to ensure that our staff receives adequate training with regard to quality assurance, occupational health and safety and environmental protection, with the goal of facilitating their effective involvement in the interpretation of and compliance with all procedures and instructions that are prepared for those purposes.
  • The company is committed to fulfilling all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any other requirements that the company may undertake to meet, with regard to quality assurance, occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • The Management of CONSTRUCCIONES FERRÁ TUR commits to the prevention of pollution by applying continual improvement principles to all operational processes, providing information as required by the applicable laws and the integrated management system.
  • All subcontracted operations will be subject to the same principles of quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
  • The Management will set achievable objectives and goals on a yearly basis and supervise compliance therewith by means of the pertinent indicators