Grupo Ferrá enters into a partnership with the FLC for the implementation of the BIM methodology.

Grupo Ferrá is fully aware that all national and regional economic sectors need to modernise, to implement a policy of ongoing training, to update their work processes and to adapt them using the new technologies available. With this goal in mind, on 21 April Grupo Ferrá and the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción de Baleares (Foundation for the Promotion of Work in the Construction Industry of the Balearic Islands) entered into a partnership agreement for the implementation of the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) in this construction firm headquartered in the Balearic Islands. On this event, Grupo Ferrá was represented by Ana Ferrá, Marketing Manager, and Antoni Gurrera, General Manager of the group, and the FLC by Mario Guillén, Manager for the Balearic Islands of the jointly-participated entity.

This agreement, which stems from Grupo Ferrá’s ambition to become one of the pioneering firms in its industry for implementing the new building methodology in the Balearic Islands, will lead to providing the appropriate training to its technical staff.


BIM, an acronym for the expression Building Information Modelling, is a process involving the generation and management of data throughout a building’s life cycle on the basis of a 3D dynamic modelling software operating in real time, in order to minimise design costs for the building both in terms of resources and time. The process creates a data model of the building’s geometry, its geographical information, components, amounts and spatial relationships. In short, BIM is a methodology comprising processes and procedures within a multidisciplinary team that establishes a smart connection between a bidirectional relationship enabling it to be updated in real time.


Starting on June, over 20 Grupo Ferrá employees will commence a programme of theoretical and practical training on the operation of the Autodesk Revit tool, for the basic modelling under the BIM methodology, addressed to technical staff and project managers, and its practical application to building projects. At a later stage, technical staff members will also be trained in the handling of measurements and budgeting of projects under the BIM methodology using Presto’s Cost-it module, working on the basis of practical examples with real projects and analysing possible design conflicts at the project stage with Autodesk Navisworks, which will allow them to correct such conflicts before the start of construction works. Finally, all professionals will acquire the know-how required to undertake the planning of projects under the BIM methodology in 4D using the Synchro tool, which will enable our technical staff to run simulations and spot potential conflicts in the project’s execution, as well as to define its timeline.