constructora de calidad en Mallorca

Rationale: Client Driven

The trajectory of Ferratur and Baltyc, the two companies that form the Ferrá Group, have evolved over time with a clear commitment to continual improvement based on careful analysis of their clients’ needs. This has allowed us to provide a comprehensive quality management service for the whole of the construction process.

constructora de calidad en Mallorca

Positioning: Leading the construction sector in the Balearic Islands

Dedicated efforts to ensure continual improvement in the construction processes has led to stricter quality criteria being applied in the diversification activities of the Group, which currently operates in the following sectors:

  • Public works.
  • Construction (residential, various facilities, hotel and catering).
  • Renovation and refurbishment.

The company’s core business is single-family dwellings with a modern design, high quality finishes and technological innovation.

empresa constructora de calidad en mallorca

Added value: Total quality

The Group’s track record, which is the result of its considerable experience, a willingness to learn and a method for improvement, is the company’s greatest asset, and which compels directors and technicians alike to strive for total quality:

  • Quality of processes: identifying and planning all links in the value chain of the production process.
  • Quality of construction: in-depth analysis of the master plan and construction details for subsequent execution. The Art of Building.
  • Technological quality: of building techniques, materials and facilities. At this point collaboration becomes a fundamental part of the process between our technicians and the local, national and international architects hired by the owners and whose know-how provides the determining added value.
  • Sustainable quality: environmentally friendly and responsible construction.